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Chemical additives:

  • improving the strength parameters of paper,
  • reduction of paper dust,
  • cleaning agents for PM on shutdown together with cleaning service,
  • conditioning/passivation agents of machine clothes and loops,
  • online and offline scale inhibitors,
  • reduction of sticky material on PM (sticky controll),
  • retention aids,
  • fillers for paper and boards,
  • defoamers and deaerators,
  • Yankee cylinder agents,
  • wet strength resins,
  • sizing agents,
  • separating agents for the production of wood-based panels,
  • improvement of defibering of pulp and chips,
  • barrier agents to refinement of paper,
  • coagulants and flocculants,
  • „hard passivation” of steel parts on PM,
  • nanocomponents for the raw materials: colloids, powders, gels intended to giving biocidal/biostatic properties of treated materials/surfaces

Specialized measuring equipment to perform the tests:

  • pulp,
  • paper
  • corrugated board and solid board,
  • packages
  • foil
  • wood based boards

I assure professional advice in choosing the appropriate equipment, supply, commissioning, practice training and warranty service.

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