Specialized chemicals:

  • improvement of the strength parameters of paper,
  • reduction of paper dust,
  • reduction of energy consumption in the production process,
  • washing agents at the MP stop along with the service of washing,
  • conditioning agents (systems and machine clothes),
  • online and offline scale inhibitors,
  • reduction of contamination with sticky substances (“sticky control”),
  • retention measures,
  • fillers for paper and boards,
  • anti-foaming and venting agents,
  • means to increase the water-resistance of paper,
  • sizing agents,
  • separating agents for the production of wood-based panels,
  • improvement / acceleration of pulping / defibrating wood chips and pulp,
  • barrier agents for paper refining,
  • coagulants, flocculants,
  • the so-called “Hard passivation” of metal elements,
  • nanocomponents for raw materials: colloids, powders, gels, intended to impart biocidal or biostatic properties to coating and construction materials,

Specialized measuring devices for testing:

  • paper pulp,
  • paper,
  • corrugated and solid cardboard,
  • packaging,
  • foil.

We provide professional advice in the selection of appropriate devices, delivery, commissioning, training in the field of operation and warranty and post-warranty service.

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